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The Importance of Dental Health in Darlington

The Importance of Dental Health in Darlington

A bright white smile is a sign of good health, and white teeth is a goal that nearly everyone pursues. However, maintaining good oral health is important for much more than aesthetic reasons. Your oral health can affect the rest of your body, and problems in the mouth sometimes provide the first clues to a health problem in the rest of the body. Paying attention to your dental health in Darlington is certainly important for cosmetic reasons, but taking care of your teeth and having a good relationship with your dentist does more than just give you a white smile.

Your mouth is full of bacteria, which is usually kept under control by good oral hygiene and the body’s healthy immune system. Occasionally, either because of poor oral hygiene, a systemic health problem, a medical procedure, or certain medications, bacteria can overpopulate the mouth, which can lead to infections in the gums. Sometimes, bacteria can even enter the bloodstream and affect other parts of the body. For example, for someone who has a compromised immune system or a damaged heart valve, if bacteria from the mouth enters the blood stream, it can infect the heart’s lining, in a disease called endocarditis. Some studies have also linked gum disease in pregnant women to early delivery or a baby with a low birth weight. For these reasons and others, if you suspect infection in your mouth, it is important that you visit the dentist immediately.

It is amazing how many systemic diseases have symptoms that appear in the mouth. For example, people with osteoporosis may lose teeth as their bones lose density. People with diabetes also notice symptoms in their mouths. If diabetes isn’t controlled, the diabetic might experience infection in the gum and bone in the mouth, which also can lead to tooth loss. Some studies have linked tooth loss before the age of 35 with the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease later in life.

Maintaining a healthy mouth is important for so many reasons. Not only is it important to care for your teeth and mouth for aesthetic reasons, treating infection or keeping it at bay can keep the entire body healthy. Frequent visits to a Darlington dentist such as Springs Dental could also allow a dentist to catch a systemic disease for you and advise you to visit your physician. For optimal dental health, brush and floss twice a day and visit your Darlington dentist such as Springs Dental  every six months.

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