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Improve Your Smile

We offer a wide range of competitively priced, high quality Darlington dentist services, providing an affordable option for any cosmetic problem. Below are 10 ways we can improve your appearance.

1. Tooth Whitening Darlington

If you think your teeth are too dark we can lighten them by Tooth Whitening. This simple treatment is carried out at home, is pain free and can produce great results.

2. Veneers in Darlington

Unsightly or misshapen teeth can be disguised to make them blend in with your other teeth using composite fillings or veneers (as seen on makeovers shows)

3.Porcelain Crowns Darlington

Do you have crowns on your front teeth that don’t match your other teeth? We can replace them with natural looking metal free porcelain crowns. Unsightly silver crowns at the back of the mouth can also be changed to porcelain crowns blending in to look natural.

4.Tooth Coloured Composite Restoration Darlington

If you have old stained fillings that are visible when you smile, we can make them almost invisible with tooth coloured composite restorations.

5.Tooth Coloured Restoration or Porcelain Inlays Darlington

Old silver fillings can be replaced with tooth coloured restorations or porcelain inlays.

6.Cosmetic Dentures Darlington

Do you have denture that looks or feels false? We can produce natural looking cosmetic dentures for an improved appearance and bite.

7.Periodontics Darlington

Are your teeth stained or your gums red and swollen? We can improve their appearance with periodontal treatment and polishing.

8.Orthodontics Darlington

If your teeth are out of line we may be able to provide or arrange orthodontic treatment to improve your smile.
(we refer our orthodontic work to a local specialist)

9.Recontouring Darlington

Are the tips of your teeth uneven?  We can painlessly, without anaesthetic, recontour the tips of your teeth to improve your smile.

10.Bridges or Implants Darlington

If you have missing teeth the spaces can be filled with a bridge or referred locally for implants.