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Whitening at Springs Dental Studio

At Springs dental studio we have been using the home treatment technique of whitening for many years as this is a simple safe procedure that whitens teeth simply and effectively.

Many clients who are unhappy with their smile find this procedure is all they need to give them more confidence and a brighter smile without going as far as more complicated treatments such as veneers or crowns

At your first visit we will take impressions of your teeth so we can construct special thin whitening trays that will fit your teeth snugly, comfortably and securely.

We will show you how to use the whitening agent with your trays and how to care for your teeth.

Many clients prefer to wear their trays at night but as long as you wear them for a approximately 2 hours per day your teeth will whiten gradually

We recommend you wear them for 2 weeks to allow the whitening to establish an even shade.

We will then ask you to return so we can measure the improvement and adapt the procedure for any stubborn stains or teeth that have particular problems i.e. some teeth may be very dark, mottled or hypocalcified.

Occasionally some may experience a little sensitivity but this is transitory and will improve.

You will be able to retain your trays so that you can maintain your new whiter smile

Any existing crowns or heavily filled teeth with amalgams will find that these will not alter their shade and will need further work to capture the whitened smile.

We recommend that if clients are wanting any other cosmetic treatment provided, that whitening is carried out first so that any crowns veneers or white restorations can be matched to the shade of your new smile.

Please be aware that there are treatments for sale on the open market that are either ineffective or actually dangerous to the teeth and any whitening procedure should be provided by a dentist who has the necessary skills and techniques to provide safe and effective care.