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Dental Emergency


 Knocking a tooth out

If this is a baby tooth the chances are there is no long-term damage as they are knocked out easily when loose. Your child will need comforting and some TLC and maybe some pain relief initially. He or she may be in shock and not be too happy about sitting in a dental chair until they have settled down. Please contact us though to check as soon as we are open. The tissues will need to be checked and monitoring of the other teeth will be needed.

If however it is a permanent / second tooth, knocked out certain measures should be taken

  • If the tooth is whole do not scrub it but place it in the person’s cheek (if adult) or milk if a child. If you can get to a dentist within a few hours it may be possible to re-plant it.
  • If it is fractured still retain the tooth and take it to the dentist so they can assess quickly the damage. X-rays will need to be taken to check any root that may still be in the mouth.

If the tooth is knocked out but there is other facial trauma go first to accident and emergency to have first aid treatment.


Breaking a tooth or losing a filling.

If there is no pain it will probably wait until you can contact the Springs Dental Studio Darlington . If it is sharp or sensitive  and you are away or cannot get to us you can usually get an emergency dental kit from the chemist and place a temporary filling over the tooth

Losing a Crown

Again this may be re-cemented using an emergency dental kit but please contact Springs Dental Studio as soon as we open so an appointment can be made for you to check it properly. Keep the tooth clean and bring the crown to your appointment.


If you have mild toothache use your normal painkillers to alleviate this and contact us. Nurofen or Paracetamol are good for pain control. If there is swelling you should contact us as soon as possible

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