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Denplan from Springs Dental in Darlington

Denplan is a great scheme that provides you with emergency cover if you are away from home and also insurance if you were to have a dental accident.

There are 2 adult plans currently available at our practice through Denplan and these are as follows:-

Denplan Essentials

This plan is great for patients who don’t need much treatment as it is more of a maintenance plan, covering

  • Routine check-ups

  • Hygiene visits                                                                                                                        DP Logo

  • X- rays

  • 20% discount off any other treatment

  • Insurance and accident cover as stated above

  • £14.90 per month for two hygiene visits yearly

  • £22.38 per month for four hygiene visits yearly

  • You are free to join this plan after your initial consultation and can gain the 20% discount straight away.

Denplan Care

This plan includes all that the Essentials plan does but also

  • Routine treatment is included, for example a filling or extraction

  • Cosmetic options charged at our private prices with 20% discount

  • Laboratory fees are not included, so if you had some crown work or a new denture you would only pay the lab fee only instead of the full list price

  • This plan is a great way of budgeting for your full dental care throughout the year and gives you peace of mind that the financial aspects of your dental care are taken care of.

You do have to be dentally fit to join Denplan Care, which is graded upon an individual basis, depending on the condition of your teeth and gums.

There are 5 different categories with monthly prices starting at £14.90 and go through to £44.13.

Our Dentists will advise you which category you are and how much it would be once you have completed your course of treatment.

Children Denplan Scheme

We have also introduced a children’s plan at the practice due to demand from our clients.

This is a way of providing private treatment for your child and being able to spread the cost throughout the year.

  • Appointments are available at any time of day for children on Denplan

  • Insurance and accident

  • Sports mouth-guards at laboratory prices only

There are 2 plans available

Prevention Plan

  • A minimum of 2 check-ups with your dentist

  • visits with the hygienist for cleaning if necessary, polishing, tooth brush instruction, fissure sealants, fluoride application and diet review,

  • fillings on baby teeth

  • 20% discount off any further treatment

  • £10.08 per month

Restorative Plan

This includes all of the above plus fillings in adult teeth, hence making this a good option for an older child with permanent teeth.

(Please note these plans do not include any cosmetic options such as white fillings in back permanent teeth and these will be payable privately with a 20% discount)  £13.44 per month

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