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NHS Patients in Darlington

We are currently at capacity for NHS patients in Darlington. We are contracted to limited hours and also a limited amount of patients at the practice. Some patients are automatically exempt from payments, these are listed below.
The following categories automatically qualify for free treatment.
Under 18
Under 19 and in full time education
Nursing and pregnant mothers  (1 year either side of your baby being born and a maternity exemption card must be shown)
Income support  (incapactity benefit and disability living allowance do not count)
Tax Credit Certificate (must have an nhs exemption card)
Income based Job Seekers Allowance (contribution based does not count)
Income related Employment & Support Allowance (contribution-related does not count)
Pension Credit Guarantee Credit (savings credit on its own does not count)
Valid HC2 certificate*Please note – if you are unsure whether you are covered by any of the above you must check before signing that you are as the health board do fine the patient £100 if the information is incorrect.  We also request proof of which ever benefit it is that makes you exempt each time you start a new course of treatment, without this we will mark it down as unseen and it will be investigated by the dental board to confirm you are eligible for exemption.

If you are on a low income and feel that you need help with your treatment costs, our receptionists will give you a HC1 form which may be sent for a certificate to help towards these costs.

Times are restricted to 9.30 – 4pm for NHS appointments


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